Veritas East Congregation

6:30pm, 2866 Noe Bixby Rd

Tri-Village Congregation

6:30pm, 1780 Barrington Rd.

Short North Congregation

6pm & 8pm, 345 E. Second Ave.

Following the gathering, East and Tri-Village gatherings will host a Christmas party with music, cookies, hot chocolate, and general merriment! The Short North will host a party at 7:15pm, between the gatherings.

Join with Veritas Community Church on Dec 23rd as we gather across Columbus to celebrate the birth of Christ through song and scripture at our EVE OF THE EVE worship gathering.

For a long time, whether it be in times of war or peace, poverty or plenty, Christmas has been remembered and celebrated. We anticipate it—for better or worse—thinking of gift ideas for loved ones or thinking of the loved ones that we’ll be missing this year. Either way, we find ourselves longing for a celebration, a break from the cold and dreary winter or the tensions of work and family.

We don’t believe that this longing is unique to just a few of us who have a had an especially bad year, but that we are all longing for something brighter than the darkness and chaos of our world and our daily lives.

This Christmas, we celebrate that in our tension we have found a peace that surpasses all understanding. In our monotony, we have found a joy that overflows. In our longing, we have found a hope that does not disappoint. This season, we invite you to join with us as we remember the birth of Christ that gives us life and the peace that makes us family, embracing our chaos and fixing our eyes on the One who makes all things new.

Each congregation will be hosting their own Eve of the Eve gathering.

eve of eve

The eve of the eve gathering will include selections from the newly released album "GLORIA" by Veritas Music.